June is African - American Music Month and HUC wants to pay homage to some of  the music industry's top hair trendsetters.
    She was 6 and I was the hairstylist that had to tell her that her hair was going to have to be cut.  Panicked I rambled around for the barrette bin.  Maybe if she’s preoccupied she will take her focus off the tugging at the back of her head.  Once I got the 7 dreads combed out to 2 small ones, I proceeded to cut off eight and a quarter inches of her partially relaxed curly hair.  She didn’t really notice at first.  But her little eyes grew saucer size and started flooding past her cheeks.  I paused for a moment.  Then I began cutting again.  Moments went by and she was spinning towards the mirror.  My heart is beating panicked and she says, “I don’t look like a boy.”  “I have curls!?!”  
    Daily washing, irregular chemical services and lack of daily hair maintenance was the reason she lost her locks.  To take care of her curls we came up with a daily routine that would help her avoid the big chop in the future.  First, Sulfate Free shampoos are limited to 1-2 weekly.  She is going to detangle her clean hair thoroughly 1x daily with use of a moisturizer.  To control her frizz she is going to use a Curl Definer.  Then she is free to pick any protective style that she desires.  She chose to wear her curls free.

This is the second time she hasn’t gotten the job.  Should I tell her that it’s possibly her hair?  It says, “Blah, blah.”  Your hair style choice is one way that you speak non-verbally to others.  When you are going on an interview you want to say, “I’m teachable, bold, and qualified for this job.”  To ensure that you are never looked over again make a few small adjustments to your daily styling regimen.

Consider your calendar for the day.  .  If you’re relaxing, wear a loose top knot pony with your favorite maxi dress for that carefree feeling.  But, if you’re attending business affairs a long smooth low pony will show your business associates that you are smart and focused.

Your hair should be treated much like your makeup and accessories.  It should flow with your outfit.  If you are not good at styling your own hair ask your stylist to teach you different options for your current style.  You should be able to get at least 2 looks.  If you only have 2 options, one should be professional and the other one should fun and flirty. 

If you mesh your hairstyle, makeup and outfit well you will be able to say many positive things non-verbally.  Claim what you want through your appearance.  Allow people to be attracted to you so that can see what qualities you have to offer.  Live well!



            The best way to know what your hair is getting is to know for sure what your hair is not getting.  It’s extremely hard to remove all the chemicals from your beauty products. But, there are product lines like JUST NATURAL organic care, ABBA, & DEVA CURL that have found a way to eliminate some or all of the harmful chemicals that can be found in your products.  

            There are a few different ways that product lines can be less harmful.  Take certified organic products for instance. They use ingredients that were grown with natural fertilizers.  The junk was removed from the very beginning.  Compared to Organic Lines that use natural products; some chemicals may have been present in the growing stages.  Which means those same chemicals may be present in your product.  You could go the Free products lines route which eliminates specific chemicals; like sulfates.  But there may be other harmful chemicals present in the product.  Don’t be fooled by the label.  Read the products ingredients.  It’s like a diet.  You want to stay within a specific set of guidelines which are found in the ingredients.

            Most organic or free products cost more up front than the other products do.  If a product is outside of your budget you may be reluctant to replace it and you may try to find a less than equal but similar product that does not compare to the previous product’s productivity.  I would advise you to not flip flop between products without a specific purpose.  Consider using maybe just the shampoo and conditioners from the organic/free lines and use the professional level styling aides or all natural oils to lower the cost.

            Lastly, you could consider creating your own products.  With the use of natural ingredients (eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, baking soda, and other kitchen staples) you can create cleansers, moisturizers, and oils that will help your hair flourish and grow.  These ingredients don’t have a very long shelf life but if you make them in small batches (1x use only) this type of product can sometimes be more effective than pre-made products and cost less.  These solutions take a lot of research and patience to create.  But what you spend in time you save in pennies.  


            The one and only way that you can be sure that you are choosing the right products for your specific needs are to know your specific needs and cater to them.  The best way to achieve this goal is to ask yourself the right questions.

1.      What is my HAIR TYPE?   See Chart Above.
To achieve optimum performance you must cater to your hair type.  Each one needs a specific shampoo and conditioner.  Using anything other than products that are made for your type can cause your hair to be dull, frizzy, puffy and/or dry.

2.      Is your hair chemically treated? (Relaxer, Color)
Chemically treated hair has unique needs.  Chemicals add stress and often times weaken the hair strands causing you to require more frequent conditioner and moisturizing treatments.  These treatments should include protein and ph balancing additives.  Visit for the different conditioning services available.  You may also schedule a consultation for more information on about your specific needs.  Consultations are FREE and may take 15 minutes of your time. 

3.      What, if any, scalp conditions do I have?  (see the Scalp Issues March 2012 Head-Advice)
If you suffer from a scalp condition you may need medicated or performance specific shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizers to ensure proper healing and/or containment of your condition.  Depending on your scalp issue you may need to seek a physician for a more concentrated medication or long term treatment plan.  Medication is not the only option.  If you find yourself in limbo as to a remedy schedule an appointment for a consultation.

4.      Are you or have you experienced HAIR LOSS?
Commercial products may not be a good source of remedy for you if you are experiencing hair loss.  Many commercial products contain chemicals that may aide in your hair loss.  Join Hair Under Construction Group!?/groups136126586488109 for further information on identifying your specific type of hair loss.  Once you have identified your type of hair loss properly, then you will know what products what help you restore and repair your hair.

5.      What, if any, health issues do I have?
Many health issues affect the overall health of your hair and scalp.  Add to that, medication side affects and you have a cocktail for disaster.  Make it a point to disclose fully all the medication, home remedies, and current personal care products to your stylist so that your stylist can help you properly choose what products you need. The one product that you will most definitely need is a CLARIFYING SHAMPOO.  This will help you remove the build-up and residue of the medications on your hair that weaken your strands and cause your hair to be limp and dull.

   Before you answer that question honestly, you have to know that all commercially made products (whether professional or non-professional) contain some level of chemicals.  These chemicals help preserve the life span of these products allowing you to keep them longer than a day or so.  Most of these products have a shelf life of at least a year.  Knowing this you should also know that you don’t have to have every chemical know to man included in your daily personals care products to assure their effectiveness.

  Most professional hair care product producers realize that truth.  Thus they try to provide you with products that contain more nutrient rich ingredients and less water and harmful chemically based products.  I would encourage you to trust no product by name sake alone.  Read the ingredients and don’t be fooled by fancy names and don’t ignore the long scientific ones either.  Many companies hide their “bad” ingredients inside a long list of IT SOUNDS GOOD ones! 

   However, most professional brand producers also want to keep their reputations and keep their products on the shelves.  For these reasons I would start the search with these products.  With so many to choose from at least you can weed out a lot of the junk.  You can find some great products in this realm and thus you may avoid exposure to harmful toxins that affect your health and the environment.  Stay tuned for part 3.

I want you to consider for a moment how you choose to buy your personal care products.  If you shop for price, convenience or by notoriety you may be harming your health and the environment.  How?  You ask.  Most common products that you buy are made at a low cost to the manufacturer so that is affordable for you.  What that means is that you are buying products that consist of harmful usually easily accessible chemicals like silicon, parabeans, sodium laurel sulfates (sls) and tons of other not so safe chemicals that prolong the lifespan of these products and give them pleasant fragrances and textures. 

            These chemicals also cause high toxins levels in our daily drinking water and food supply.  They can cause us to have allergies, heart and liver disease, cancers, abnormal lipid and cholesterol levels just to name a few health affects. 

            Does this mean that all non-professional products are harming you?  No!  It means that you should pay close attention to those products that are readily available and extremely low in cost.  The savings you are experiencing today may be short lived if you have to spend time and money in the doctor’s office {keep in mind that politicians and selfish people are trying to make it difficult for many Americans to acquire affordable healthcare} or at the whole food store later. 

            I want to make you aware that you have choices when it comes to what you use on your body and in your hair.  Pay close attention to this information and you may you may come away with a lot more than you bargained for.  Stay tuned for Part 2.

Insider Tips for an ERROR PROOF Wedding Day

            One of the most memorable days of your life will be your wedding day.  One area that can not be neglected is your overall look.  When planning this special day you want to consider what your strengths are and play to them..  Wear the dress that fits your body type.  Enhance with makeup and hairstyle choice those attributes that make you shine.  Doing these things will ensure that you are comfortable on your day.  And, that comfort is what will lead you to feel the most beautiful for your day of love and acknowledgement. 

            Need a little help determining what your beauty strengths are?  Follow me @bizsavymom & Like us at for information on BODY SHAPES and hair style choices, wedding hair style TRENDS for 2012, how to avoid WEDDING DAY DISASTERS.

            It’s time for colorful dresses, paisley prints, and flirty hair styles.  When spring comes around we want to enjoy the outdoors, eat light tasteful food and PARTY.

            Let your spring style open up the door to a fun-filled season where you are able to live liberated.  The 2012 Trends for spring include styles like the Top Knots, Slick back Ponytails, and BOLD.LIVE.COLOR.  It’s your chance to have fun with yourself. 

            Look out for photos of all the spring styles and Stylist Insider Tips at!?groups136126586488109 Hair Under Construction Group (Facebook).  Happy Spring Time!


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